Yoko Mitsuyuki

Mitsuyuki  Since the 90's I have held a number of shows in New York, and participated in group exhibitions there, and as I began announcing new pieces overseas, I began consciously emphasizing my hometown of Yanagawa more strongly. I have returned to my origins there, and today I do mostly oil paintings expressing the nature of Yanagawa in a modern mode. My childhood memories of the cityscape; the air, water, soil, wind and light of the land; the texture of the plants; and the multitude of colors and forms that all exist in my heart are expressed on the canvas as abstract images. The desires, emotions and lives of humanity remain unchanged at their core even in this modern age. Through nature, I strive to express the preciousness of life and our human emotions.


Selected Solo Exhibitions

Museum of Kyushu Sangyo University(2017)/Fukuoka Art museum(2017,2003,1988,1981)/Mizoe Gallery Fukuoka(2017,2013)/Walter Wickisr Gallery NY(2008,2001)/Cast Iron Gallery NY(1999,1996)/etc Tokyo and Fukuoka.

Selected Group Exhibitions

Gallery Artist Exhibition NY Walter Gallery/Asian Silk Link International Art Exhibition China/NAU21Century Art Union Exhibition Tokyo・Paris/Asin Internatinal Art Exhibition 15 countries/Federation of Fukuoka-shi Art Exhibition etc.


Fukuoka City Cultural Prize(2008)/Macau Internatinal painting awards Grand Prize(2001)/The6th Ei Art Exhibition Grand Prize(1997)etc.

Teaching Experience

Professor of Kyushu Sangyou University Art Department(2000~2018 )/Professor emeritus at Kyushu Sangyou University(2017 ~)


Fukuoka Art Museumn/Fukuoka Prefectual Art Museum/Tagawa Museum of Art/Kyushu Art and literature building/The Brighton University U.K./
Fukuoka Culture faundation/University of Kitakyushu/Institute of Guangzhou art city of Museum China/Shohara National University of Korea/Malaysia National Museum/The Grove art Museum Sea is seen/The kyushusangyo University art department etc.